This fantastic, supernatural gift, is based on the Scriptures, as we read in the Book of Acts. The anointing (which comes from the verb “anoint,” which means “to rub in or to smear”) has been defined as the tangible power of God. The power to heal and bless comes through an anointed cloth along with your faith, belief, trust, and dependence on the Word. Healing can occur when you touch the TV screen with the affected part of your body. Even reading a text message has resulted in healing. How about the daughter who placed an anointed cloth on her mother’s head in the Intensive Care Unit who was dying according to the doctor’s and every scientific sign. She woke up a few hours later and was discharged in good health. Jesus used spittle and clay to anoint the eyes of a blind man so he could see. A believer has the same power because Jesus dwells within them. What about that anointing when that dead man was raised from the dead when he touched the bones of Elisha already in the grave.
I have seen miracles with people being healed from using prayer clothes that have been anointed just as in the Bible. In my experience, however, talking directly to that person in need on the telephone is a revelation because every situation can be covered extensively. Therefore, please call 803-640-3507 for your healing needs even if you need a faith lift to receive. This includes calling if you’re a a significant other because your friend or relative isn’t available.


PS: If you still need a prayer cloth, be sure to call.