The 91st Psalm has always been one of the most powerful Scriptures because of the many confirmed military stories of the power of protection and incredible promises of safety, both total and absolute, and from every threat and danger. Speaking this Psalm prior to any battle daily would supernaturally protect a soldier from harm in spite of his exposure to the enemy and potential wounds, injuries, or even death. This would also apply to any group involved with protecting our country. For example, throughout U.S. history there were nearly 19,000 reported law enforcement officers that have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Psalm 91 has been called the Soldiers’ Prayer because of the miracles that happened in World War I involving the soldiers of the 91st Brigade. They recited the 91st Psalm daily as they were engaged in three of the war’s bloodiest battles. Other units suffered up to 90% casualties, but the 91st Brigade didn’t suffer a single combat-related death.

God is willing and able to keep His word of covenant promise. Plead God’s shield daily regardless of what you do. Confidently claim His rest, refuge, safety, covering, faithfulness, and protection. God’s Word is the Weapon.

This poem was composed by Moses and dedicated to the tribe of Leviticus who spent their days in the “insulated and sacred environment of the Temple courtyard. It was completed as the construction of the Tabernacle was being finished. Moses himself was enveloped in the presence of the almighty which enabled him to live a life of protection and safety.

Psalm 91 can make you feel like you live in Him as your home of permanent residence. You can easily memorize this and repeat it to yourself out loud every morning. Print one of these out for yourself and send it to a soldier or a friend.

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