1. Why would you want to raise someone from the dead who died?
  2. I heard of this happening, but I don’t believe it. Is it common?
  3. What would I do if I suddenly find someone on the street who is dead?
  4. How would I overcome my fear of raising someone from the dead?
  5. Do you have any personal proof yourself?
  6. How would you teach someone to prepare for resurrecting the dead?
  7. Why did you write a book like this?
  8. What are some of your raising the dead testimonies?
  9. Why did you put humor into a book that is so serious?
  10. How can I get this book?


Question 1: Why would you want to raise someone from the dead?

Answer: If you had to experience the tragedy of an unexpected death of a husband, or wife, or any one you loved, wouldn’t you want to raise them up so they wouldn’t leave you? You never expect a horrible situation like that happening, but I was told testimonies of people who experienced the sudden loss of a parent, a friend, a stranger, a boy in the swimming pool. They just started speaking out loud to them and asked God to help them. Whatever they spoke was enough to raise them from the dead. They saw miracles by depending on the Holy Spirit to guide them.

Question 2: I heard of this happening, but I don’t believe it. How common is it?

Answer: Ordinary people like you and me have raised people from the dead because we have been given the authority since Jesus was resurrected from the dead. These testimonies have been confirmed in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible and throughout the entire history of the Church. The claim is that at least one person is raised from the dead every day in a foreign country. The prophecy is that there will be massive resurrections during these final end days. This raising of the dead has become the greatest truth of God’s power that has affected all of civilization throughout history. Someone asked, but aren’t they going to die anyway? Yes, but suppose it’s not their time?

Question 3: What should I do if I suddenly found someone who is dead on the street?

Answer: After you check them out quickly, call 911 while you’re looking around for help. Determine if their breathing and if their heart is beating. If not, start doing uninterrupted chest compressions of at least 100 a minute until the paramedics arrive. Do not breathe for them. Many people have been saved even without having had any CPR training. Then ask Jesus what to say and just start speaking out loud whatever you believe you’re supposed to say with faith. Faith is fantastic adventures in trusting him. There are many testimonies that prove this works. You can get well trained with a CPR course which will include the use of the AEC which is the Automated External Defibrillator.

Listen to what Smith Wigglesworth did when he attended a church service and discovered it was a funeral service. He walked over to the coffin, pulled the dead man out of the casket, stood him up against the wall in a corner of the room, and yelled, “In the name of Jesus, walk!” By the third time, the body started moving and the two of them walked across the stage, arm in arm!

Question 4: How would I overcome my fear of raising someone from the dead?

Answer: If you intent to save someone’s life, then just do it afraid, but do it. There isn’t a greater service you can do for mankind than to raise someone from the dead. You already have the faith to obtain this information so just apply your obedience to fulfill it. You will accomplish the impossible by seeing the invisible and by applying God’s spiritual principles with His successful experience. Speak it into existence.

Question 5: Do you have any personal proof yourself?

Answer: At the end of this May, while standing in my kitchen, I suddenly lost consciousness and was quite surprised to wake up on the floor. I had scalp soreness from the fall, but nothing else. My wife insisted I see our family doctor the following morning and I was immediately admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. Within minutes after arriving, I deteriorated to the point that I became a code blue. I basically had no vital signs, but reacted as if there was nothing wrong with me. I even questioned the hospital staff why I needed another IV and an external pacemaker. My doctor and my wife, who were both present, confirmed I was wide awake and alert. They believed I had raised myself from the dead. The emergency surgery required a two-chamber pacemaker. Post-operatively I required large amounts of fluids and medication to maintain my blood pressure. Since discharge, I have remained asymptomatic and clinically stable. I am very thankful to the nursing staff, my cardiac interventionist, and especially to God for this miracle. I told my doctor the situation seemed almost similar to what Mrs. Lincoln experienced. They asked her, “Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, what did you think of the play?”

Question 6: How would you teach someone to prepare for resurrecting the dead?

Answer: First find people that believe. Then shower them with multiple testimonies of people who have been raised from the dead and what they did and said. It would include a check list just like the captain uses when he’s about to take off in an airplane, A CPR course is necessary. I discuss the power of visualization in the book by picturing people being raised from the dead so often that it almost becomes reality. I also discuss the power of the non-conscious mind which can process approximately eleven million bits per second compared to fifty bits of information per second through the conscious mind. We are putting into practice what we refer to as gut feelings, hunches, or intuition. It’s a training that can give you access to almost instant knowledge, A simple way to get to the non-conscious mind is by slow, calm, repetitive activities, such as taking a shower, walking, sleeping, and especially by meditating. We have unlimited power of our brain with God.

Question 7: Why did you write a book like this?

Answer: I have always believed that God could raise the dead as all the testimonies have proven and now me. After the Boston Marathon tragedy, I wanted to develop a Healing Team so if we ever had another deadly tragedy occur, we could not only raise the dead, but, for example, command all shrapnel to come out of the body with total replacement of any missing parts in the name of Jesus. We are going to need this miracle healing power as our days to the most critical time in the history of civilization.

Question 8: What are some of your raising the dead testimonies?

Answer: I included every Biblical Scripture involving resurrection. I covered over fifteen personal testimonies from friends including raising a dog, and birds, and a testimony of a father seeing a vision of his baby in Heaven after a miscarriage. He saw a masculine angel holding a male child.

Tommy Combs raised a woman from the dead at his June 21, 2012 meeting in Peru that involved 12,000 people in attendance. This woman died in the hospital 6 hours earlier and was carried to the meeting on a cot. This is exactly what Tommy spoke to her: “God, you are the God of life and not death. I speak life for this woman. Death, you cannot have her! She shall live and not die, and declare the works of the Lord.” I blew my breath into her face. She opened her eyes. She got up! She was raised from the dead! My God is the God of life!”

David Hogan has raised hundreds of people who received life after dying. A Chinese gentleman, in 2010, had gotten caught up in an underground movement in China when he first heard about the power of the name of Jesus. When he was informed that his wife and two children died from smoke inhalation while trapped inside their burning home, he rushed to his destroyed home and stood before his family. He saw them lying on the floor and commanded them to, “Get up in the name of Jesus!” All three of them rose from the dead.

In China, they say that if you haven’t raised someone from the dead at least within a year, they’re going to question whether or not you’re even a Christian.

Thousands of people have been saved as the result of seeing this DVD entitled, “Raised From the Dead” by evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. Pastor Daniel, from Nigeria, died as a result of a motor vehicle accident when his chest was crushed against the steering wheel. His wife, who was a passenger in the front seat, began crying hysterically. Angels showed up and took him away. After he died, he was embalmed, but his wife refused to release him because of the Scripture from Hebrews 11:35: which says, “Women received their dead raised to life again.” She believed in the promise of God that we can receive the dead back through resurrection. She believed her husband would be raised from the dead. Refusing burial, she took him to the church in Onitsha where Reinhard Bonnke was preaching. The casket was opened on stage and her husband started to breathe. You have to see this DVD!. It really looks like science fiction. Later, when Daniel came back to life, he said, “Heaven is real. Hell is real. Become serious with God because you need to be saved by the blood of Jesus Christ and live a holy life.”

A 3-year-old died of yellow fever. His mom had left the hospital and prayed out loud, “Lord, if only my child comes back from death, I will dedicate him to you and he will become your servant.” This was a prayer not unlike the one Hannah prayed in the Old Testament. When the staff heard him crying, they called the mom back to see her child alive.

Chauncey Crandall is a friend of mine who wrote a book RAISING THE DEAD. He told me the story of how he left the patient who had died after cardiovascular surgery to inform his wife the bad news. But the Lord stopped him when he was in the hallway and told him to do it again. He went back to stimulate him again with the electrodes.. The anesthesiologist told him the chest was already burnt, but Doctor Crandall said, “Let’s do it once more.” After the heart was shocked again, the EKG and heart beat returned to normal. Then the nurse asked, “What are we going to do Doctor. He was already pronounced dead on the paper work?”

Question 9: Why did you put humor into a book that is so serious?

Answer: The devil hates when you joke about tragedy because he realizes that you’re onto him which is why this humiliates him. A friend of mine who is a funeral director, told me that every time he writes a letter, he signs it, “Eventually yours.”

I recently went on a cruise. The people were so old that the average age was deceased.
My friend’s uncle worked for the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus as a clown. When he died, all his clown friends decided that he would live up to their standards as clowns so they all attended the funeral in one car.

Question 10: How can I get this book?

Answer: There are 20 chapters and multiple pictures in this book. You can order from my website. Bridge-Logos Foundation can also supply the book if you call 1-386-462-2525 or contact any Book Store, even on the Internet.

Great Blessings,
Phil Goldfedder