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Medicine, Ministry, Miracles : One Neurosurgeon's LifeMedicine, Ministry, Miracles : One Neurosurgeon’s Life
By Rev. Phillip Goldfedder, M.D.

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REPRINTED: Self Published (June 17, 2019), 288 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-5136-5053-1, Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

This book is Dr. Goldfedder’s eleventh book. It is his autobiography, and it reveals how he grew up with loving parents, caring relatives, school challenges, and good health. As a young man, he realized he could satisfy his desire to help others by becoming a medical doctor. He held on to this desire through the years. He became a neurosurgeon and served in this capacity for thirty-seven years.

During this time he met, fell in love with, and married a beautiful nurse named Maureen. For most of his life he avoided spirituality in all forms. As time went on, he suffered with intractable pain in both of his feet from which he was miraculously healed at a church in Orlando. He then dedicated his life to Christ and soon realized that people found healing through the power of the Holy Spirit as he laid his hands upon them and prayed for them. He discovered that more people were healed through this supernatural means than ever were healed with the scalpel.

He felt led to become a minister of the gospel and studied under Charles and Frances Hunter. He read hundreds of books about healing and Christianity. He witnessed countless healings and deliverances that he would have found difficult to accept as a secular surgeon. Blessing people by ministering healing and deliverance to them became his life’s greatest joy. Healing through Jesus is the primary focus of his life now, and this is reflected on the pages of this exciting book. Dr. Goldfedder’s life has completely changed, and his goal now is to help others get to know the Great Physician who is the Healer of our souls and bodies.


Prepare Me for the End DaysPrepare Me for the End Days
By Rev. Phillip Goldfedder, M.D.

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Publisher: LuLu, Binding: Softback, 196 Pages, ISBN: 978-1=329-30687-5, Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

Living in these end days is the end of the end, that is, the end of existence. Coping with this upcoming potential tragedy of life can no longer be ignored regardless of the bypass mechanisms you employ to make it disappear. There is only one way to overcome the innumerable fears associated with this and that is by saying good-bye to the world’s system and saying hello to spiritual warfare through God. We are talking about unity for everyone, not our denominations, which really means division.

You want to secure your future and comprehend that eternity in Heaven will be a welcome choice.

Finally, you will have to get serious about the power of prayer, reading the Bible, memorizing Scriptures that support you, praying in tongues, seeking knowledge for more wisdom, and of course, utilizing faith which God has provided for you. Faith is FANTASTIC ADVENTURES IN TRUSTING HIM.


porn_recovery_cover_250Porn Recovery
By Rev. Phillip Goldfedder, M.D.

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Publisher: Bridge Logos, Binding: Softback, 208 Pages, ISBN: 978-161-1036-1507, Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

An Emancipation Proclamation for Those Enslaved by Pornography

“My total intention for writing this book is to release those who are entrapped in their own pornographic prison.”

The use of pornography is devastating in so many ways. It has the potential to destroy our finances, marriage, health, relationships, quality of life, eternal destiny, and life itself. Sin may be defined as “self-inflicted nonsense,” and that is exactly what the use of pornography is.

It leads one into demonic deception involving evil spirits,”alien entities,” and this is an appropriate term. They attack the addict’s physical, mental, and spiritual health, and they go after all that is really important in his or her life.

This book shows the addict how to find freedom by stressing the following:

  • God’s forgiveness is available to all
  • God’s Word will keep us from all sin
  • The Holy Spirit empowers us
  • Powerful, positive affirmations and prayers bring transformation and deliverance
  • And so much more

Porn Recovery contains the keys for freedom from pornography. The simple and practical approach of this book makes it an outstanding tool for everyone who seeks freedom and for those who want to help them.



rtd_book-frontRaise the Dead
By Rev. Phillip Goldfedder, M.D.

Only $15.95 – Includes Shipping!

Publisher: Bridge Logos, Binding Perfectbound : 182 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-61036-117-0, Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

Astonishing Miracles:
The news media reports that many people all over the world are being raised from the dead. Jesus said, “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. Freely you received, freely give” (Matthew 10:9. NASB).


Dr. Goldfedder writes from personal experience about this amazing phenomenon, and he shows the reader how to get involved.


He gives inspiring testimonies of people who have been raised from the dead in recent times. Jesus said, All things are possible to him who believes” (Mark 9:23).


1. Why would you want to raise someone from the dead who died?
2. I heard of this happening, but I don’t believe it. Is it common?
3. What would I do if I suddenly find someone on the street who is dead?
4. How would I overcome my fear of raising someone from the dead?
5. Do you have any personal proof yourself?
6. How would you teach someone to prepare for resurrecting the dead?
7. Why did you write a book like this?
8. What are some of your raising the dead testimonies?
9. Why did you put humor into a book that is so serious?
10. How can I get this book?

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book-frontWhy Health is Better Than Getting Healed
By Rev. Phillip Goldfedder, M.D.

Only $13.95 – Includes Shipping!

Publisher: Bridge Logos, Binding Perfectbound : 138 Pages, ISBN: 978-0-88270-704-4, Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

Why Health is Better Than Getting Healed not only addresses the individual but is also a helpful resource tool for pastors and teachers that is easy to apply. Dr. Phillip Goldfedder has dedicated his life to teaching others how to be well, regain health and be healed.

According to Bridge-Logos in the book, “Rev. Phillip Goldfedder M.D. builds his case for living in health by adhering to the Word of God and allowing the spiritual to dominate the physical.


He feels the how-to we need to learn is to live our lives by practicing practical life styles that encourage health such as making the right choices in eating and getting rest, relaxation, exercise and moderation in all things that promote a healthy life. ”

1. What is your definition of great health?
2. Why do we have health problems?
3. How can I get the kind of health you’re talking about in your book so I don’t have to be healed?
4. How can I learn to talk positive and properly like that so I can stay healthy?
5. Why would you recommend people to read this book?
6. What are the keys to maintain good health?
7. You make a big deal about laughter in your book. Why is that so important?
8. What’s the greatest disability in life?
9. Would you say a prayer for our folks for good health.
10. What’s the greatest miracle in the world?
11. You spoke about the ten commandments. What are the ten country commandments?
12. How can you purchase this book?

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tyf_250Transforming Your Flesh — a Jewish Doctor’s Opinion
By Rev. Phillip Goldfedder, M.D.

Only $17.95 – Includes Shipping!

Publisher: Bridge Logos, 512 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-61036-101-9, Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

In this very substantial work, Dr. Phil Goldfedder shows the reader how to live by the Spirit and walk in the Spirit, thereby overcoming and transforming the fleshly impulses of the old nature. Dr. Goldfedder’s clear and practical teaching will help the reader deal effectively with addictions, sexual lusts and immorality, overeating, inordinate affections, idolatry, a lack of self-control, and fleshly desires of all kinds.

There is no other book like this, and I highly recommend it to you.



healing_250Handbook for Healing
By Rev. Phillip Goldfedder, M.D.

Only $14.95 – Includes Shipping!

Publisher: Life Bridge Books, 175 Pages, ISBN: 978-0-9824145-6-9, Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

Christians today need more information about the Holy Spirit so they can be used, much more mightily during these last days. Since that time I have seen literally hundreds of people healed through the laying on of hands, more than I ever saw healed when I used my scalpel.

These two handbooks cover everything you need to know about healing and deliverance. Let them become your medical, legal, and spiritual textbooks for your Bible-based ministry. These books will impart this knowledge to you so you will not have to attend any classes in a medical college or divinity school. Jesus has enabled you to become a healing evangelist in fulfillment of His Great Commission.


Once you set your mind to believe God, He will help you each step of the way. All you have to do is to study and to be obedient to what He teaches. Remember, Jesus is no respecter of persons; what He did for me, He will do for you.



deliverance_250Handbook for Deliverance
By Rev. Phillip Goldfedder, M.D.

Only $14.95 – Includes Shipping!

Publisher: Life Bridge Books, 175 Pages, ISBN: 978-0-9824145-7-6, Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

The training you will receive through these handbooks is perfect for everyone—physicians, pastors, patients, and people in all walks of life. If you ever had a medical condition or had to help someone who did, this book will put you in touch with the dynamic anointing that will enable you to take part in the healing and deliverance ministry for the Body of Christ. You will become an end-time saint who walks in and experiences miracles, signs, and wonders.

My vision, as a church-based healing ministry, Is committed to demonstrate God’s love to the world, Through the gospel,To heal and deliver all those, From sickness and disease,By laying hands on them, Rather than with medicine, or the scalpel, In the spirit of unity, Bringing salvation to the lost, Disciplining believers, And returning the Saints To a God-fearing church.

Can you image the impact on society when physicians are exposed to the opportunity of learning about a spiritual treatment for sickness and disease that’s successful? They will finally be able to give hope to their terminal patients and those with incurable chronic conditions. It’s amazing how many patients are reading these books and presenting them as gifts to their doctors and pastors. Many clergy are also being blessed as they have witnessed healing and deliverance to their congregation just by following these biblical principles.



lean_gods_way_250Lean God’s Way
By Rev. Phillip Goldfedder, M.D.

Only $18.95 – Includes Shipping!

Publisher: Phillip Goldfedder, M.D., 174 Pages, ISBN: 978-0-9796250-0-8, Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

You already know about the challenges that result from excessive weight. These include self-image issues and medical problems. No one wants to become a statistic related to the mortality and morbidity that are often associated with obesity. It’s never too late to change this battle between the food monster and the food police. There is an answer for it and it has to do with the Holy Spirit. The truth is that you can learn how to control your flesh and every demonic influence that brings temptations to you through the Holy Spirit.

You probably attempted many of the natural weapons that are presented to people on a daily basis. These include food programs, diets, pills, books, videos, tapes, internet sites, herbal remedies, eating programs on television, counseling, hypnosis, self-pity, bathroom scales, and your mirror.

If you’ve experienced any of these approaches and they have resulted in failure, you may have despaired of ever being slim and trim. I have a word of hope for you.

Lean God’s Way is both a teaching book and a “talking book” that instructs you with regard as to how to lose weight and maintain your weight loss through the power of the Word of God, faith, trust, truth, belief, and the Holy Spirit. You will discover that your power comes as you join forces with God’s supernatural realm and start talking to your “mountains,” the food, about Jesus instead of just talking to Jesus about your “mountains.”

Lean God’s Way shows you how to win and maintain complete victory over this battle. It reveals that a better quality of life is yours, as you learn to utilize multiple positive affirmations and experience the healing power of laughter and joy. Lean God’s Way will show you how to use spiritual truths and revelations to enable you to control your tongue through the power of confession, enabling you to achieve and maintain a slim-and-trim attitude and appearance.

As you learn to Lean God’s Way, you will discover how to be completely victorious so that you can live lean and long.



hiy_250Healing Is Yours
By Rev. Phillip Goldfedder, M.D.

Only $18.95 – Includes Shipping!

Publisher: AuthorHouse, 337 Pages, ISBN: 13: 978-1420860702, Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

Healing Is Yours shows you how to receive healing by learning and applying basic biblical principles. You may be someone who does not believe in healing. For most of my life, especially as a Jewish neurosurgeon, I didn’t believe and that included Jesus.

When I was miraculously healed of chronic intractable pain, my whole belief system underwent an exciting and radical transformation. Now I recognize that Jesus is the Great Physician who can heal you everywhere you hurt, no matter what the condition may be.

There is really only one prerequisite before reading this book—a strong desire to be healed and released from the suffering your illness has caused without regard to any traditional denominational beliefs, long-held ideas or philosophies you may have, or any scientific principles that deny the possibility of healing.

As you read this book, you will learn how to blend the power of God’s Word (the Holy Bible) with faith, trust, hope, and belief that will help you to understand truly that Healing Is Yours.

God’s love for you is steadfast, and He wants you to walk in health and happiness.



hiy_cdCD: The Healing Power of Jesus Through Visualization
Only $11.95 – Includes Shipping!

Visualization is the art and science of seeing images that your mind can generate into believable situations. You will be amazed at the healing power that is available when you listen to this spiritual CD that will guide you because:


1) You will move in the direction of your dominant thoughts.

2) You will create positive emotions that produce physical changes in your body and mind through your hypothalamus.

3) You will have the opportunity to experience the awesome anointing presence of Jesus.

Visualizations God’s idea but that didn’t stop the devil from attempting to counterfeit it.

Instructions: Be sure, as you begin this visualization process, that all distracting sounds, such as television, crying, barking, dishwashers, or any unwanted noises are eliminated from your immediate environment. Going to your favorite room would be a great place for you to get situated. Locate your favorite chair, or better yet, a couch or bed. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes and use a cozy blanket if necessary. Take your shoes off for additional relaxation. Dim the lights and get ready to listen to healing music and an awesome message to get you healed. Warning: The intended use of this CD is for a home type environment and not for example, while driving.

Duplication of CD is permitted for your relatives or friends seeking healing for sickness or disease.

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