Yes, my friend, healing is yours! I can say this with confidence because the Bible says it is. You can walk in divine health, because Jesus paid the price for your healing when He died on the cross. When you spend the major part of your life studying and practicing medicine, as I did, and then you develop an incurable medical condition that leaves you with chronic intractable pain and other limitations, you begin to think, “Was it worth this?” I have helped others, but I couldn’t help myself.


After three years of consultations with medical professionals and practitioners of alternative therapies about this condition, to no avail, I just happened to read a book that opened new windows and doors for me. It was entitled, Good Morning, Holy Spirit, and, as a result of reading this book by Benny Hinn, I was directed to go to his church.

While there, I watched a video of a service in which the choir was praying in tongues. This was something that was totally new to me, and, as I watched and listened, I felt a sensation of heat in both of my feet. A few moments later, all the pain I had been experiencing was gone!

After this miracle, I realized that there is really only one alternative to medicine, and His name is Jesus Christ! That was quite a revelation indeed for someone who had been raised in Orthodox Judaism! I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord, and my Jewish family wanted nothing more to do with me.

As I continued my medical practice, I began to think that my colleagues were competing with the Great Physician (Jesus Christ), as they took care of their patients. There is no such competition, however, for I now knew that all healing comes from Him!


Dr. Goldfedder is passionate about praying for healing.


Mark Virkler writes, “I have known Dr. Goldfedder for a long time. He has prayed for me several times for healing. For many years he worked with Charles and Frances Hunter, and participated in many of their healing crusades. Phil is the author of many books on healing. He is a retired neurosurgeon, who was healed instantly by the hand of God. Read his powerful testimony here. ‘Dr. Phil’ has established an Alternative Medicine Healing Ministry, but the truth is that Jesus is the only alternative. He refers to himself as a “Refired Christian Jewish Neurosurgical Healing Evangelist.”



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This 10 year-old dog named JoJo had a large neoplasm in his choroid plexus in his brain, enlarged ventricles characteristic of Hydrocephalus, and an abnormal amount of cerebral spinal fluid with, elevated pressure.

In addition, he was completely paralyzed except for some movement of a foot..

Jesus totally healed him.


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