Law Enforcement

Solving Challenges Faced by the Police

Law Enforcement Prayer

The Lord Jesus Christ provides the answer to every challenge that is faced by police officers today. The power and authority of the Holy Spirit, which is Jesus Christ unlimited, are available for the use of each of us, including police officers.

God expresses himself through the Holy Trinity—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Remember that the Holy Spirit will protect, serve, and guide you 24/7. All you need to do is to simply ask Him to be there with you. I can assure you that He will be there for you, and His angels will be there to serve you.

First, you need to be experience salvation by being born again. (See the Salvation section in this website.) Speak forth these words every day: “I will dwell in the secret place of the Most High God and abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I declare divine protection over every aspect of my day. In Jesus’ name I pray.”

The first sentence in this declaration comes from Psalm 91. Praying the Scriptures and using them to affirm your faith will provide you with the greatest form of protection that is available. As you have time, let me encourage you to memorize Psalm 91. By so doing you will be able to speak it forth in any and every situation you face.

See the section entitled “The Ultimate Power of the Holy Spirit” in this website to really understand how to live with and through the Holy Spirit. If you need physical healing, read the healing Scriptures that are found in the section entitled “Get Healed.” Finally, shout out the name of Jesus when you encounter any emergency or threat! This will cause the demons to flee!

Police officers today face so many challenges, especially in our inner cities. Many children grow up without role figures, especially fathers, in their lives. Where are the fathers, teachers, social workers, and spiritually minded ministers who will guide our young people?

In many cases our police officers suffer from a lack of training, constant stress, frustration, and depression. These conditions lead many into burn-out, fatigue, cynicism, alcoholism, addictions, ill health, and overeating.

Dangerous and ruthless criminals are a continual threat to the lives of police officers and civilians alike. Many officers live with constant fear of would-be criminals, those who hate the police, and others. This sometimes puts within them a “fight or flight” syndrome that may even verge on paranoia. They live with a never-ceasing state of anxiety, and the effect of this kind of stress on their bodies includes irritability, sleep disorders, neurotic symptoms, glandular fatigue, and various other conditions. Living in such a state of high anxiety is truly overwhelming, and it affects the body, soul, and spirit. God wants everyone to be free from such circumstances.

Another area that is usually affected by the stress faced by police officers is in their family relationships. Spouses and other family members are greatly impacted by the police officer’s stress in a multiplicity of ways. All too frequently the officers will not talk about their work and their problems, and they keep their feelings and experiences bottled up within them.

They refuse to be open with those who are closest to them, and their interpersonal interactions often become unhealthy and unpleasant as a result. Temptations may come to them as they open up to someone who is not their spouse, creating a false sense of intimacy that should be shared only with their spouse. In such a case, a sympathetic ear could be the devil in disguise.

This, in turn, may lead to infidelity, which compounds the officer’s challenges by adding guilt to the mix. Greater stress, frustration, anxiety, and fear are the predictable results of this infidelity.

It used to be that police officers were highly respected in their communities. This is all too often no longer the case. To be disrespected when one is trying to protect and serve their community with their very lives is extremely frustrating and disappointing, to say the least. It is demoralizing in every respect.

Because of the anger and opposition that they often face, many police, particularly in big cities, have resorted to being less active in their communities. Many of these same individuals entered police work in order to make a positive difference in society. As they realize that their initial goals are not being met, they grow discouraged, angry, frustrated, irritable, and disheartened. They begin to despair.

Many people today prefer lawlessness to law. They try to justify everything they do, even if it is against the law. These people see “the badge” and those who are wearing it as being an impediment to them getting what they want. They think the police are “out to get them.”

May God watch over our policemen and police women and keep them safe as they go about their important duties.

A Police Officer’s Prayer

I would like every police officer who reads this to pray the following prayer in faith:

“Father God, please come into my life and forgive me of all my sins. I totally repent of my sins and believe that the blood of Jesus Christ has cleansed me of all unrighteousness. Thank you for helping me to fulfill my destiny. Thank you for giving me financial, spiritual, and physical health. I believe in you with all my heart, and I ask you to make me the kind of person that I know Jesus wants me to be. I will cooperate with Him in this process.

Without any doubt, I know you will always protect me and keep me safe from harm, as I conduct my duties as a police officer. I am eternally grateful that you have saved me, are saving me, and will keep on saving me. I thank you for the many blessings I enjoy. Thank you for filling me with the Holy Spirit and His power.

Thank you for given me courage and the ability to face and conquer all fear. Thank you, Lord, for the strength I have within my body. I thank you that you enable me to remain dedicated to my work in spite of the opposition I face.

Give me a spirit of compassion, Lord, for all the people I come in contact with, especially those who need me. Thank you for always being on my side and for your angels of mercy which accompany me throughout each day and night. They help me to accomplish my God-given goals, and this is a source of great security for me.

Thank you for each assignment that is yet to come. Enable me to handle it faithfully and with full and unswerving integrity. I know you will resolve all serious situations and complications that I may face from this time onward. I thank you from the depths of my heart, Father, and I ask you to keep me in the hollow of your hand as I continue to serve both you and my community until Jesus returns.
I give my life to you unreservedly, Lord, and I ask you to use me in whatever way you see fit.

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Godly blessings on your life,
Rev. Phillip Goldfedder, M.D.