Power of Music

It has been said that music produces a king of pleasure which humans cannot do without. When music and courtesy are better understood, practiced, and appreciated, there will be no war. Yes, music brings peace and harmony to the human soul—and, indeed, even to the world.

1. The power you receive through music, particularly when you are studying an instrument, is overwhelming and life-changing. The following list of blessings and tremendous attributes indicates what you can expect to receive from learning and playing music.
2. Research confirms that playing a musical instrument will not only increase the capacity of your memory, but it will also stimulate your brain. This will produce a change in the shape and power of your brain as evidenced by an overall improvement in your cognitive skills.
3. You definitely learn about time management through music, which will help you with the efficient use of time.
4. Team skills are developed as you listen and play with other musicians.
5. Learning music teaches you both patience and perseverance.
6. Since hand-eye coordination is so important, playing music will enhance your coordination.
7. Reading music, with its notes and rhythms, will help you to increase your mathematical skills.
8. Your reading skills will improve through musical training.
9. Your sense of personal responsibility will improve as a result of maintaining your instrument(s), scheduling lessons, and practice.
10. Your involvement with music exposes you to a cultural history, which reflects the environment and times of its creation.
11. Your ability to concentrate will improve. This grows even more pronounced as you play with other musicians.
12. Your stress will be reduced and relieved as you express yourself through music, and this can also become a form of therapy for you.
13. Mastery of an instrument enhances your self-esteem, and it becomes very rewarding to play beautiful music.
14. Your social skills will improve, as well, when you play with others. This often results in lifelong friendships.
15. Your listening skills will improve.
16. Your self-discipline will increase as you become successful with your instrument(s).
17. You will become more relaxed in front of large groups of people. The development of your performance skills will result in less stage fright.
18. Your respiratory system will be strengthened as your breathing patterns are a key component of your playing an instrument.
19. It is gratifying to bless other through music, and this will result in great happiness for you. Simply stated, this is great fun for you, the musician.
20. Meeting the challenges that learning to play an instrument involves will enhance your sense of self-confidence.
Power of Music
Through the years I’ve studied and played seven instruments, including the violin, the piano, the shofar, the harmonica, the mandolin, the drums and the balalaika. Each instrument has wonderful attributes and each affects the brain and the emotions in positive ways.

It was my honor and privilege to play violin in the Savannah symphony orchestra.

I thank God for music. The psalmists loved music: “Praise Him with the sound of the trumpet; praise Him with the lute and harp! Praise Him with the timbrel and dance; praise Him with stringed instruments and flutes! Praise Him with loud cymbals; praise Him with clashing cymbals! Let everything that has breath praise the Lord” (Psalm 150:3-5, NKJV).
Let God’s blessings flow into your life through music.

Praise the Lord!

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