Prayer Changes People—People Change Things

Prayer Changes People

Prayer involves powerful and life-changing spiritual principles. When you apply these to your prayer life you will discover that with God there are no limitations. He is all-powerful and He is able to bring answers to your prayers. It is He who will enable you to change your circumstances, your relationships, and your attitudes.

Prayer is a spiritual exercise, and like physical exercise, it needs to be consistent and persistent in order to achieve the desired results. Practice the presence of God in your life each day, and He will lead you into prayer.

The invisible God has created a visible universe that shows forth His love, order, and power. He has dedicated himself to blessing people, even those who may have pulled away from Him.

Prayer has been instrumental in bringing about change in the lives of individuals, nations, and humanity. Every major change that has taken place in society has been precipitated by prayer. As Alfred, Lord Tennyson wrote, “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.”

The devil would like you to believe that prayer is futile, pointless, and fruitless. If he suggests this to you, remember that he is the father of lies and the great deceiver. He would love to be able to deceive you.

God wants you to trust Him and to take your eyes off the circumstances of your life. By reading, memorizing, and repeating the words of the Bible (the Word of God) your mind will be renewed and your life will change. Yes, prayer changes people. As you meditate upon the Word of God, you will sense His presence, and in His presence there is fullness of joy and there are pleasures forevermore. Therefore, let me encourage you to pray on a regular basis. Just talk to God and let Him talk to you. As you learn to agree with God’s Word in your praying, you will experience unity with Him, and you will be able to live in His kingdom of love and joy on a daily basis.

As you pray, the Kingdom of God will come to Earth and you will experience a supernatural anointing that will enable you to be an ambassador of the Kingdom of God. Always pray in Jesus’ name. For example you might pray, “I release the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in this room right now. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.” You will learn that prayer is the divine connection that enables you to receive downloads from Heaven into your life and into the lives of your loved ones.

When we were born again, we became carriers of God’s genetic code. His DNA lives inside of us. It is this that gives us authority and dominion through Jesus Christ our Lord. So make prayer a daily priority, for it can bring power and purpose to your life, and it can even reshape your destiny.

Through prayer you can experience the power and presence of God in every area of your life. Jesus taught that prayer is a legal transaction that is recognized in the courts of Heaven and will affect the outcome of circumstances and matters in the earthly realm. Through prayer we are able to overcome the enemy of our souls—Satan.

When you look at prayer from a legal perspective, your entire approach to prayer and living will be changed. Through prayer God’s justice will be manifested in the lives of His children. Never forget that prayer is a binding legal transaction. When you pray you are really inviting the atmosphere and power of Heaven to invade your life and circumstances.

Remember, every time you pray the Holy Spirit is searching the mind of God, our Father, in an effort to ensure that you are praying according to His Word. Your life will change completely when you come to the realization that prayer has a prophetic element.

God will be glorified by this realization and your life will be changed forever. Prayer will enable you to experience victory and achieve spiritual results and experience supernatural blessings.

As you pray, the words you say come alive, for you are speaking them into existence. You will learn through prayer to walk in victory and boldness as an ambassador of Christ. This will create a hunger and thirst for the things of God in the lives of those around you.

Prayer will become the “oil” to use in fueling your spiritual life. You will become a great source of blessing to others.

There are three dimensions to prayer, and these are based on the way the ancient tabernacle was designed. First, you experience the outer court, which is strictly limited to the natural realm Second, you will enter the Holy Place, which helps you prepare to become holy. It is here that anything in your life that is unrighteous will be burned out of you. Within the Holy Place the altar of incense burns continuously, and it is not based on your feelings, experiences, or circumstances.

The third dimension is the Most Holy Place—the Holy of Holies. This dimension represents the manifest presence of God or your “glory zone.” As you experience this dimension, the place of full surrender, you will be able to abandon your own desires in favor of His.

As a result, you will know that you now have access to Heaven—Heaven on Earth—and prayer will flow from your heart through your closeness to God. It is then that you will pray in total faith and trust, knowing that God will supply all your needs, including your daily bread, forgiveness of your sins, and the ability to release those who have hurt you. You will attribute to God His kingdom, power, and glory, and you will pray prophetically. This means you will speak forth God’s will and wisdom into every situation and you will even be able to foretell some aspects of the future.

Whenever you encounter a challenge or chaos in any form, speak to the atmosphere, because that’s what God does. Train yourself to rely on God when you pray. Your relationship with Him will fill you with heavenly wisdom.

The power of your prayers will influence others in a contagious way. Some will be drawn back to God, and your destiny will be unlocked. Your praying will make you radiant like Jesus, and it will enable you to think like Him and become like Him, because you are totally submerged in the depths of God.

Prayer mixed with fasting is sometimes called “God’s nuclear power.” Abstaining from food will enable you to hear clearly from God.

The Apostle John wrote, “Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us, and if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him” (1 John 5:14-15, NKJV).

To pray according to His will is to pray according to His Word, for His Word contains His will. As we learn to do this, we can know with confidence and certainty that God hears us and He will grant our petitions.

The doorway to prayer is now opened to you. Please walk through it and enjoy all God has for you!

(Some of the information presented in this section is also found in The Power of Prophetic Prayer by Kynan Bridges.)