A testimony is a declaration of truth. This is something that someone says especially in a court of law while formally promising to tell the truth; proof or evidence that something exists or is true.

We are speaking in particular about a healing and deliverance testimony. This is a powerful weapon because of the revelation that occurs when a person’s faith is exposed to the authority of the Word. There are more and more churches demonstrating these miracles, signs, and wonders. Saints can witness a supernatural power from just hearing or reading about someone else’s miracle or even touching an anointed cloth. This is enough for them to be instantly healed. That is, many people have received miracles just by learning about another person being healed or cured.

God’s power can heal you after you receive Jesus through salvation who also takes your sins. This “I am the Lord who heals you” still “blows” my mind having been trained as a neurosurgeon. They didn’t cover the Holy Spirit in medical school.

A man calls me with a hacking cough as I’m looking for a tape in my garage. He’s looking for a doctor, but it’s not me, but obviously a wrong number. I ask him, as I attempt to converse through the coughing noise, “Do you smoke a lot?” He says, “I use to.” I tell him, “I’m not your doctor, but I can help you. What’s wrong with you?” He hesitates and then says, “COPD.” I get permission to minister to him, and before he leaves the phone, he’s healed. Jesus did it in ten minutes.

I’m speaking with a friend who has two daughters on Skype. The one was healed through the telephone while she was in ICU with a diagnosis of bronchitis. She was healed after I ministered to her though Jesus and discharged two days later. The other girl has a problem with WBFN (well-bitten finger nails). Jesus heals her and the next time I speak with her she has nail polish on her beautiful nails.

A long time friend reaches me from out of our country with a diagnosis of “no cartilage” in his left knee. Immediately following ministering, his left knee pain totally disappeared with a full range of movement of his knee with walking.

I’m shopping at one of our large food chains and I pass a young woman busily involved with smoking. She is open to receiving ministry, and Jesus totally heals her. These sicknesses and diseases are demonic and can be associated with sin.

Another occasion at a Food Store, I observed a woman touching her left shoulder. When I questioned her, she admitted she had pain in that area and was open for Jesus to heal her which He did. Two days later her daughter calls me using the business card I gave her mother. She gets healed of anxiety, stress, and hyperventilation which was responsible for her lightheadedness and dizziness. The next morning she calls because she watches Sid Roth and wants to be able to speak in tongues. She does that relatively quickly.

Spoke to a major Ministry to order a book and the representative had a significant polyneuropathy with burning, pain, and numbness. Jesus healed her. I happened to catch a Face Book story of a friend of mine who sustained trauma with persistent pain from fractured ribs from a fall. I called and ministered to her and her pain completely left.

A friend from Nigeria reached me because of pain associated with any movement of his jaw. Jesus healed it.

A woman with COPD was healed and her breathing improvement was confirmed by her family doctor. Her weight challenges were going to be resolved as well because she received a program toward proper nutrition toward her >300 pounds status. She already loss four pounds.

A friend with a herniated lumbar disc and a sciatic neuropathy was totally healed over the telephone by Jesus. I can’t think of any good reasons not to be open to be healed by Jesus when you have a medical situation.


Gunshot wound of the neck: My Publicist asked me to pray for her 45 year-old brother who was just shot in the neck. He was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. I immediately prayed for him. She also informed me that two vertebral were fractured from the gunshot wound and that he was already undergoing emergency surgery. In ministering, I also included and spoke into existence that the doctors would be amazed that this man lived and recovered without neurological impairment and that they would report this case as a miracle. The surgery lasted a total of eight hours and I was told that the surgeon reported that he has never seen or heard of a case like this that survived damage to the carotid artery. The patient recovered slowly post operatively, but after a week he did well, even neurologically. The newspaper article report stated that he had a ninety-five percent chance of dying. What I learned later is that a policeman just happened to show up at the scene of the shooting and that he just happened to have an Israel tourniquet bandage so that he was able to apply it to the victim’s neck at the site of the bleeding until the patient was transported to the hospital and into the operating room. The following morning he had pancakes for breakfast. Praise The Lord.


I was checking out at Walmart and noted how tired the cashier appeared. I told her, “You look exhausted! Did you sleep at all last night?” She responded, “No, I fractured my foot.” I asked, “Can I pray with you?” She immediately stuck out her hand toward me even though several customers were behind me in line. I ministered to her and almost immediately she stated, “The pain went away.”


A friend of mine requested that I pray for her mother on the telephone and then connected me to speak to her in the Dominion Republic. The daughter translated the major points I would cover in the healing including the translation of my English into Spanish through the Holy Spirit. Her diagnosis included Alzheimer’s Disease and a Seizure Disorder. She was healed as confirmed by the mother and her daughter.


My teacher’s cat basically stopped eating for three weeks. At the age of 16, she was diagnosed by her Vet with stomach cancer as well as “bad” teeth. She asked me to pray and I did so over the telephone while she held her cat in her arms.

The prayer included, “spirit of death, you come out. Spirit of life, you go back in.” The cat immediately started purring and my teacher texted me this picture within two minutes observing the cat eating.

I remember a nurse being interviewed on stage by Benny Hinn and stated that the lump in her breast suddenly disappeared as she walked into the auditorium. At the same time, another woman with the same medical condition was suddenly healed just listening to the words of this miracle. A jump in her faith increased her belief level.

The Holy Spirit is the key for getting into the spiritual realm for He is responsible for raising Jesus from the dead. He is Jesus unlimited. He is the power of the Holy Trinity. He is the power of Heaven. To get to know the Holy Spirit just start talking to Him. You grieve the Holy Spirit when you ignore Him. His presence is glorified when we worship Jesus. When you worship the Lord, He becomes real because of the Holy Spirit. Listen to this. When the Lord becomes more real than your sickness, you will be healed.

A pastor friend of mine was diagnosed by a neurosurgeon with a ruptured aneurysm. Her husband called me from the ICU so I could minister to her. She experienced the worse headache she ever had, stiffness of the neck (nuchal rigidy), and photophobia (light intolerance). She was instantly healed. Surgery was cancelled.

An engineer injured his leg and sustained fractures of his right lower tibia and fibula. In the Emergency Room he was treated with a cast and medication. When he called the next day, his intense pain and restriction of movement was resolved after Jesus healed him. He was able to bear weight with walking.

Saw an 18 month-old neurologically impaired child with hydrocephalus. His grand mom became his guardian. He was restless with constant movement and sounds. As I spoke to him, he just steered at me during that minute and a half. It was a spirit to spirit encounter. One month later, his head returned to normal size and he began to eat well without a tube. A woman was suffering with tinnitus (ringing in the ears) for three years. At this prayer session, after being ministered to, she felt “lighter” and the ringing stopped completely. The demonic spirits left.

A man, who runs a comedy club, was two weeks post op following a kidney transplant. He received many years of renal dialysis. He was now being treated with anti-rejection medication because of the reaction from the new kidney. He was called in follow-up the next day and he reported that he never felt so much energy especially with walking. He was still walking after forty-five minutes.

“Blessings on this glorious sunshine day in Indiana, For He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!” Carol, has been almost bed ridden for some time, experiencing excruciating back pain with her legs going numb and she would collapse and fall. My husband and I were amazed that she was healed over the telephone by you. We went to church today and one of the first people we see is Carol with the biggest smile on her face plus no walker at all and…..looking absolutely wonderful! Thanks for Jesus.

“This is a miracle Easter healing – Fran has not been in church for months as she could not walk and remained ill with so much pain. Blessings in YESHUA our REDEEMER. It takes the faith of a tiny mustard seed….”Whosoever believes in Me.” Thank you for her healing. What absolutely joy to see Fran today after such a long time of suffering…GOD is good and He is faithful – all the time.

“Dear Phil, I was sure shook up with the healing today for my friend after you called me. I just handed him the telephone when I heard it was you. I watched it happen, like a pro at watching healing happen. He really received. He was shocked when he could extend and move his arm without shoulder pain. Thank you so much for your time and ministry, and all praise to Jesus.”

“My husband and I have been so blessed in and through Dr. Phil’s love and service for JESUS – My husband had bad sleep apnea also resulting in that I did not sleep as well to see that he would breath, by a show of love and then Dr. Phil prayed. My husband no longer suffers from sleep apnea. How great is our Mighty GOD.

I ministered to a young man in pain because of plantar warts about two months ago. The pain was recurrent and his healing was successful again. He called because his girlfriend was upset that he cancelled his doctor’s appointment. He wanted me to calm her down. In her interview, I learned that she had asthma and she was totally healed. With tears flowing, she thanked me and so did her boyfriend.

“I have been treated for venous ulcers and venous insufficiency with several surgical procedures without benefit. DR. GOLDFEDDER: HE SPOKE THE WORD OF GOD AND MINISTERED HEALING PERSONALLY AND DIRECTLY TO ME. He showed me that all the symptoms that I was personally experiencing, were on Jesus the day he hung on that cross. All of the symptoms are completely gone…CAN YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING AND DANCING FOR JOY?!!!He even spoke over the 20 pounds that I gained over the last year and I lost 5 pounds in just three days. The blessings are overtaking me. Praise God.”

“I had fallen into depression and had been through so many battles, that I was tired of the battle. I am a nurse myself who has laid hands on many folks, but Satan was trying to destroy my faith with the exhaustion. Thank you Dr. Phil, for you called me at a critical time. I answered the phone for your words of the Word of God. I am praying in the spirit daily, singing, worshipping the Lord, reading the Bible out loud daily, and exercising. I have reentered Bible College. Thank you and God bless.”

“You know the doctors found a malignant walnut sized tumor on the liver last April that grew rapidly to a grapefruit sized tumor by August. The CT Scan of the liver is now normal after the healing. This proves God’s healing TOUCH ON MY BODY. So Rejoice with me and be happy with my blessing. Pastor

”My Grandson, who is 21 months old, was rushed to the hospital unresponsive. His face and lips were turning blue and stopped breathing at one point on the way. Dr. Phil laid the ground work about being positive and laid hands on my grandson and began to pray for him. I could see an improvement in him right away. His lips were no longer blue and he was more alert, before we knew it he was sitting up laughing. He went home the same night and is doing great. God is so Good and Faithful.”

“I had carpal tunnel after I had my baby and Dr. Phil laid hands on me 2006 when he visited Los Angeles and I got healed. Praise the lord.”

“My daughter Sarah was born in June of 2003. At 9 months of age she was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Sarah could not move her arms or her legs. I met Dr. Phil at Charles and Frances Hunter’s church in Texas. He taught me about being positive and he prayed for Sarah continuously. He was a guest speaker at a church in Pasadena, California where I live. He prayed for her there, only this time Sarah starting moving both her arms and her legs. I am so blessed by Sarah because I believe she is totally healed. Praise The Lord! God is Sarah’s Healer and I thank Jesus that He healed her.”

I had rheumatoid arthritis, pain in joints, hands, feet, back,. degeneration of right elbow joint, asthma, recurrent fever of unknown origin, blindness in right eye from birth, and several hospitalizations with debilitating unknown sicknesses. My Miracle: After Dr. Phil’s call to me in the hospital and his prayers, I immediately felt better with no further pain. Even the nurses noticed when they came into my room that I looked different. I AM HEALED! JESUS already has done it. Praise the Lord for He is so good!

“Last August I was bumped by a hit and run driver and broke my leg and ankle in four places. I saw a friend driving down the same street and rushed to the emergency room. The doctors told me I would need immediate surgery to walk normal or save the foot. I told the doctors I wanted to go the VA for free medical care, but instead, went back to my hotel. My foot was four times its normal size and severely discolored. I cried because of the pain. A friend took me to the hospital and the doctors would have to amputate my foot to save my leg.

I was a struggling actor and producer and had already gone through one of the most unbelievably destructive lives. I called my ex girl friend and she told me to call her friend Dr. Phil. He was a man of Jesus Christ and a Healer. I was a mad man who had lost his will for life and on my way to hell. Dr. Phil asked me if I was aware that Jesus was my Savior and that He had died on the cross for my sins! I told him I was a devoted Catholic and that I went to church on a regular basis. I believed that God hated me. Dr. Phil told me that just wasn’t true and that it was the devil trying to convince me otherwise. He told me that Jesus had died for me and if I would turn my life over to Him that miracles would happen for me. I broke down in tears and said yes.

As I prayed with Dr. Phil I felt this warm feeling come over my body, the hairs on my arm and the back of my neck stand on end and I got this queasy feeling in my stomach and a lightness in my head. And this incredible joy came over my heart. Dr. Phil then told me that through my faith my pain would go away and the swelling would go down, the color would come back and the bones once broken were now healed. I cried out with joy as my toes moved. Dr. Phil told me to tell the doctors that Jesus had healed my foot and my heart. When the doctors came back in the room and took another look at my foot and leg, they said they couldn’t understand what all the ruckus was about, that the color had changed and the foot looked immediately different and that I wouldn’t have to be amputated, that I was going to be OK. My foot was healed right before my own eyes! I turned my blind faith over to my Savior Jesus Christ, who has always been blessing me and continues to do so every single day. With Jesus, anything is possible.”

A young man suffering from stuttering since he was born came into the Healing Center. He was healed and his stuttering left completely. I continued ministering to several people who required the services of Jesus. When I returned into the auditorium, I was overwhelmed to hear and see this former stuttering now singing a gospel song with a beautiful smooth flowing voice.

“My nine-year-old daughter, Hannah had developed an odd behavior that both stumped and worried me very much. She started blinking very hard and very frequently about two or so months ago. It didn’t look like a blink as much as it looked like she was squeezing her eyes shut very hard. After a few days of that I called the doctor and they said it’s very common and not to discuss it…it would go away. Well, to my dismay, it not only didn’t go away, it got much worse. Not only that, but she also started doing a weird scrunching up of her nose and a twisting of her mouth and then, the day I actually was introduced to Dr. Phil she had started to pull her shoulders upwards and roll her neck. All this was occurring with my gorgeous, little girl who loves Jesus! I was not a happy camper! After being introduced to Dr. Phil over the phone by my friend Nikki, I first received healing for pain in my legs and feet. Then I put my daughter on the phone and Dr. Phil prayed for her. God absolutely healed her completely! Hooray for Jesus! At first the symptoms were not all gone, but as we said that they were gone, they started coming less and less. Hannah was so cute because she kept saying, “Mommy, I’m really healed! Look at my eyes, they aren’t blinking! Let’s have a staring contest…” Needless to say I took full advantage of the opportunity to stare into the eyes of my beautiful, newly healed, faith-filled daughter, and rejoice in the goodness of God, our healer!

“A few weeks ago I read Healing is yours by Dr. Goldfedder. I decided to email Dr. Phil after getting the results back from a Dr, saying there was no hope for my condition. Dr. Phil responded right away and the very next day he called and prayed with me. All the symptoms of renal disease are gone PTL! I cannot thank Dr. Phil enough for his compassion and the Lord for His Faithfulness. Love in Christ Jesus.”
Dev L.

“Ten months ago I was diagnosed as having symptoms of bipolar II disorder. “Disorder” was a reoccurring experience for me, in cycles that sometimes seemed to worsen. In the previous several months, I couldn’t seem to maintain sufficient mental and emotional stability under the pressure of moving to Australia and attempting to go to school full-time again. People who love me were very concerned for me. I was fighting to believe and experience the realities promised in the Bible, however I couldn’t seem to “get ahead and stay ahead” without slipping into old habits of weakness, feelings of despair and what seemed like a chain pulling me back to my past and into “failure.” As a friend of Dr. Phil’s, I know he would not in the least mind me using his website not to advertise his role in my freedom–although it exists–but rather to celebrate the name of Jesus, Who is my real Reason for healing, in so many ways. How could I categorize as the world does? We aren’t like the world when He changes us. I am different in so many ways now.

Instead of crying to others ambiguously for help, I now am a minister of the same freedom through faith which I have received. My deliverance was not a mere formula; it includes formulas, like faith in the Word of God; like loving the fruit of my tongue and appreciating its power to bring me either life or death; like praying in the Holy Spirit’s tongue and like choosing my fellowship wisely…all these and more have contributed to my clear transformation from a tentative albeit committed risk-taker, to being a clear, single-minded risk-taker, yes! The one Factor tying all these elements together, however, is the beauty of my Lord Jesus Christ, who has loved me faithfully enough to elicit from me a more wholehearted, voluntary commitment to obey him more closely and to rely on him more dearly for strength in all of my places of weakness, rather than being blown about by the false promises of other answers. You can ask the people who once were so worried about me and doubtful about this “methodology of faith:” I have the lasting fruit of stability and maturity in my life that could in no way resemble a diagnosis of “bipolar disorder.” You do the math.”

“I am an R.N and a LPC in Texas . I was scheduled for my second back surgery Oct.4 2007 here. My neurosurgeon sent me a letter stating the following. I was scheduled for this procedure: “Transpedicular Approach with Decompression of Spinal Cord, Equina and/or Nerve Root(s) (EG, Herniated Intervertebral Disc,) single segment; Lumbar (including transfacet, or Lateral Extraforaminal Approach) (EG, Far Lateral Herniated Vertebral Disc.) I was given Dr. Goldfedder’s phone number. He prayed with me and spoke to my lying symptoms to leave in Jesus’ name.

I felt tingling in my left leg and felt heat in that leg with a tingling sensation. I cried and could lift my toe on that leg for the first time in a year. I cleaned my house today Sept.27th right after the healing. I have been listening to Jesus music all day and told my neurosurgeon’s assistant I was healed by Jesus. I said do you believe in healing? She said absolutely! Jesus has healed me. My scar from surgery (2006) has gotten red today, but all the swelling has gone and I can see my feet are the right color and All My Pain is gone by the blood of Jesus and “by his stripes, I am healed,” from Isaiah 53:5. Praise The Lord Jesus! My Lord and My God! Hallelujah! I am pain free and well. Healing is for all. I am healed by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of my Testimony. Amen.”

According to my cardiologist I was diagnosed with cardiac infarction, endocarditis, myocarditis, congestive heart failure, tachycardia, and high blood pressure. I am also recovering from reconstructive shoulder surgery. My wife, Ann was facing back surgery and contacted Dr. Goldfedder. He prayed for her and she was healed. She insisted that I contact him for prayer for my condition. On September 29th, 2007 I contacted the doctor regarding my condition. He quoted Isaiah 53:5 “He was wounded and crushed for our sins. He was beaten that we might have peace. He was whipped, and we were healed! But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed.”

He explained that when Jesus was whipped every lash He received paid the price for the healing of a disease or illness that we might every have. He also explained that legally once the price of a debt has been paid that that debt cannot be charged to anyone ever again. Jesus paid the price for our healing with every lash He received and we now live in Divine health because at the time of His crucifixion “He (Jesus) was whipped, and we were healed!” The doctor prayed that my body and spirit would align and that I would truly recognize that I am healed. I felt warmth enter my heart and strength fill my shoulder and arm. Pressure released from my chest and pain was immediately relieved in my shoulder and arm. At that moment my mind and my heart united in the complete understanding and total belief that I am healed and that because of the price that Jesus paid over 2000 years ago for my healing I do not have to pay the price of ill health again today. It is paid and I now walk in Divine health because of His sacrifice. I am healed for “by His stripes we are healed.”

School of Miracles … Testimonial
“This was another extremely successful School of Miracles, the four one. There were forty-four Saints who registered. The two and a half day course included intensive teaching on Healing and Deliverance which included nine awesome spiritual DVD’s on a rented sixty-inch new television screen.
Everyone who requested healing with healed and instantly. Some of these medical conditions included chronic lumbosacral sprain with low back pain, gout in the big toe, cervical sprain with neck pain, back pain from trauma, L breast tumor (exam in the ladies room revealed the tumor disappeared), rotator cuff injury with shoulder pain, arthritis with absence of pain and full range of movement of joints, dog with heart worm complications, headache, heartburn, leg pain (got hot after ministering), hearing loss, eye irritation with secretions, hearing voices (demonic), depression, hot flashes, Guillain Barre Syndrome, acute abdominal pain (after leaving the bathroom), marital situation (her husband returned the following week), cardiac disease, shortness of breath, stress, GERD, dizziness, degenerative arthritis of knees with pain, foot spur with pain, amnesia with memory difficulties, spirit of fear, unforgiveness, and repeats. Many of the Saints were already practicing healing others and using techniques like growing out the legs as taught by Charles and Frances Hunter, known as the Happy Hunters. The group will meet again for a Healing Class at the Miracle Temple of Deliverance on July 21st at 6:00 PM. All the Saints were encouraged to bring family and friends to be healed of Depression.
Bless you”

School of Miracles … Testimonial
“The healings that took place as a result of Jesus included; a young man with intermittent tremors of his left hand, A woman with neck pain was healed and so was her high blood pressure. Weight loss was also ministered. A young girl received a new heart along without any further difficulties with anxiety. A woman was healed with memory challenges and with her vision. A pastor’s wife was healed of insomnia and worry.”

“Since you prayed for me last Tuesday, I have not had any further back or hip pain. I can bend and am rejoicing in Jesus for the freedom of movement. Praise our God! And thank you! It’s so wonderful not to have any more pain.”

A woman, blind since birth, was being driven by her husband to a Benny Hinn Crusade. Her husband couldn’t find the location until he heard his wife shout out to him, “Wait a minute, Stop! You just passed the building.” God had blessed her with instant vision.